Membership in the Vidocq Society is not open to the general public.

Under the terms of the Society’s Constitution and Bylaws, applicants for Special Membership must have attained the age of majority, be of exemplary character, possess a forensic skill or other skill necessary for the furtherance of the work of the organization and have demonstrated a commitment to solving cold case homicides. Most of our members come from the ranks of law enforcement or elsewhere in the criminal justice system or forensic science community.

Photographed by Suzanne Tenuto.

Applicants complete a detailed application which is subject to due diligence vetting to determine both their character and suitability for membership. All applicants must be nominated by a Full Member in good standing and seconded by another Full Member, both of whom must attest to the qualifications and character of the nominee.

There are specific rules and regulations regarding attendance and participation for those who are accepted into the Society. There is also a Vidocq Society Code of Ethics & Conduct which is affirmed by members on an annual basis. Members are required to attend meetings in Philadelphia.

If you have specific law enforcement or forensic science experience or skills that are needed by the Vidocq Society, and if you are able to attend meetings and help us to assist law enforcement with cold cases, please contact us.