Good Hunting: An American Spymaster’s Story

This review is by Commissioner Bill Fleisher: “Good Hunting is an outstanding read. Jack Devine is the ‘real deal.’ Over his 34 years of active duty with the CIA, he was a part of, or has witnessed some that agency’s most famous operations and cases.

“For Devine’s first posting, he was stationed in Chile during the Allende presidency and subsequent assassination, which according to popular belief, was orchestrated by the CIA. Devine deftly puts that myth to rest. Throughout the book, Devine shares his more informed opinions about that and other related matters involving the Country’s intelligence efforts. Probably Devine’s most famous assignment was coordinating the CIA’s covert action in Afghanistan during the Soviet occupation of that country. Devine was responsible for arming the Afghan tribesmen with among other ordinance, the Stinger Missiles which took the Soviet helicopter gunships out of the equation. That was the most critical thing that led to the Soviet’s eventual withdrawal from the country, the ability to knock out their formidable helicopter gunships. This CIA operation was later written about in Charlie Wilson’s War, which became a movie.

“In the book, Devine walks us through his long and distinguished career with the CIA with a well written and easy to read work that will became a must read for all of us interested in this genre. More importantly, he provides firsthand insight to the Company’s internal workings, culture, and tradition. The title “Good Hunting” refers to the CIA tagline on all cables sent to the field. The term reminds field officers of their primary job is to seek out and gain human assets. I particularly loved Devine’s descriptions of “Tradecraft.” Tradecraft is the bread and butter of covert intelligence operations. He tells his story with humor, passion, and from a perspective, few have. Do not walk, run out, and get Good Hunting. I myself will never look again at the Intelligence business the same again.”