Deadly Betrayal: The CBS Murders

Deadly Betrayal: The CBS Murders is based on an actual major, high-profile investigation, told from the inside by FBI man Don Richards, VSM. “An undercover agent is killed in a Chinese Tong gang-war and FBI Supervisor Dan Robertson can’t prove the operation was authorized. He is set up as the scapegoat, and told to involve himself in a safe white collar fraud case until things get sorted out. But that case is far more sinister, and soon Robertson finds himself partnered with NYPD Detective Richie LeBeau in a complex multiple murder investigation which might connect to the Tong.

Overcoming personal clashes, inherent distrust, agency rivalry, and leaks to the media, they use every crimesolving and forensic technique to identify the killer, and build their case. When sharp legal maneuvering threatens to dismantle their work and free the killer, they must find a way to resurrect the case and bring justice to a terrible crime.”