Training for members in various forensic disciplines is conducted on a regular basis and members are notified by e-mail.


The Vidocq Society conducts pro bono cold case homicide seminars on a regular basis. Usually a law enforcement agency or college criminal justice program hosts these five day seminars. We work with the host agency to develop a seminar based on their requirements. The Vidocq members provide their expertise by lecturing in varied disciplines. While one of our members is lecturing other members are examining cold cases brought by seminar attendees, in an attempt to move investigations forward. Attendance is limited to credentialed law enforcement and homicide prosecutors. There is no charge to the host agency, however on occasion the host agency will help defray our costs through the use of grants and training funds.

If an agency is interested in hosting a seminar, they are encouraged to contact Ed Gaughan, Vidocq Society training coordinator for further information at (215)545-1450 orĀ contact us.

Sorry there are no Training events currently planned.