officers & directors


William Fleisher

Work Title – Director Keystone Intelligence Nework

Area of Expertise – Forensic Interrogation, Polygraph/Investigations

Bio – Retired Assistant Special Agent in Charge (ASAC) of the U.S. Customs Office of Investigations in Philadelphia, eleven years. He is one of the founders and serves as Commissioner of the Vidocq Society, and is featured in the best selling book, the “Murder Room.”


William F. Gill III

Work Title – Corporate Consultant

Area of Expertise – Large scale corporate investigations, domestic and international, of bribery, embezzlement, employee theft of funds or proprietary information. Internal investigations and internal audits. Investigations of public corruption.

Bio – Former Inspector General, City of Philadelphia. Retired Regional Inspector General, US Treasury Department. Former Director, Public Safety (head of the Police Department) City of Beverly, NJ. Consultant, International Monetary Fund (IMF).

Benjamin Redmond

Work Title – Inspector General, City of Philadelphia,

Area of Expertise – Investigations, Bribery,Corruption, Fraud Matters in Public Agencies,White Collar crime.

Bio – Former Inspector General for the City of Philadelphia. Retired Regional Director ,US Treasury Dept.,IRS Inspection Service,mid atlantic region responsible for investigations of Bribery,Fraud and Corruption within the 5 state area and international offices. Past VP of the National Association of Inspectors General and Chair of their Training Committee. Past President of the Police Chiefs Association of Southeastern Pennsylvania.


Carol Sweeney

Work Title – Former Assistant District Attorney

Area of Expertise – Career Prosecutor of criminal matters.


Howard Lebofsky

Work Title – Former Senior Attorney ,City of Philadelphia Solicitors Office

Area of Expertise – Advisor on Criminal and Civil matters.


Barbara J. Cohan-Saavedra

Work Title – Former Assistant U.S. Attorney

Area of Expertise – Law, Litigation Attorney, Prosecution, Narcotics, Espionage, Languages.


Frank Mayer

Work Title – Law ,securities, fraud,banking, ins


Edgar Adamson

Work Title – Former Director Interpol & U.S.Customs Commercial Fraud Division

Area of Expertise – Investigations National & International criminal

Edward Gaughan

Work Title – Criminal Investigator, polygraph examiner, Retired Detective, Major Crimes, Philadelphia Police Department

Area of Expertise – Criminal Investigations of significant crimes, robbery, homicides etc. Training coordinator

Nathan Gordon

Work Title – Forensic Psychophysiologist

Area of Expertise – Forensic, Psychophysiology, Forensic Interviewing, Statement Analysis

Bio – Director of the Academy for Scientific Investigative Training; accredited polygraph school, and seminars in forensic interviewing, statement analysis and interrogation. President of the International Society of Polygraph Examiners, President of the Pennsylvania Polygraph Examiners’ Association, Past President of the American Polygraph Association, Board of Director of the Vidocq Association.

John Maxwell

Work Title – Former Chief of Detectives, Philadelphia Police Department

Area of Expertise – Police Administration Detective Bureau, all criminal investigations within the Detective Bureau of the PPD.

John Nemec

Work Title – Former Special Agent, FBI

Area of Expertise – Terrorism/Counter terrorism, Security, Investigations, Organized Crime, Corruption; also National Center Missing and Exploited Children cases-abductions/crimes against children;cold cases

Joseph O’Kane

Work Title – Supervisor Special Agent, U.S. Customs S

Area of Expertise – Fraud, Narcotics Investigation; Illegal Exports, Endangered Species; Firearms Instructor

M. Fredric Rieders

Work Title – Director NMS Labs

Area of Expertise – Forensic Toxicologist, DNA Expert

David Warren

Work Title – Former Special Agent in Charge, U.S.Customs, Philadelphia

Area of Expertise – Investigations, White Collar Crime; Fraud Investigation


Louis Cabrelli

Work Title – SAIC, PA Dept. Revenue

Area of Expertise – Investigations, Financial


Edward Tenuto

Work Title – News Media Relations Consultant

Area of Expertise – Internal and external communications, media relations, crisis communications, reputation management


Frederick Bornhofen

Work Title – Private Investigator, Bornhofen & Associ

Area of Expertise – Security Consulting