Honor Roll

The Honor Roll is a list of members who have passed on.

John F Baylin

Area of Expertise – Command Sergeant Major (ret.), US Army

Gerald R. Brown, VSM

Area of Expertise – Statement Analysis, Personality Profiling

Bio – Forensic Statement Analysis Expert

Sheila Dashkow, DDS, VSM

Area of Expertise – Forensic Odontologist

Kenneth D Freeman

Work Title – Former Prosecutor and Philadelphia Police Officer

Richard C. Froede, MD

Work Title – Forensic Pathologist, US Department of Defense

Howard M. Goldsmith, Esq., VSM

Work Title – Attorney

Area of Expertise – Law, Attorney, Legal Investigation & Analysis

Dorothy M. Hesson-Plantarich

Work Title – Investigator

William H. Kelly

Work Title – Director, Phila. Police Dep./Court Liais

Area of Expertise – Liaison-Enforcement. Science of Fingerprints (Expert). Policy Photography & CSI. Forensics Expert

Albert J. Laurilliard

Work Title – Special Agent, US Customs Service

Kenneth Lee

Work Title – Medical Examiner’s Investigator, City of Philadelphia

James D. McIntosh

Work Title – FBI Special Agent (Retired)

Area of Expertise – Hostage Negotiator, Debriefing-Trauma

Thomas E. Mellon

Robert K. Ressler

Work Title – Director, F.B.S. International/Criminologist

Area of Expertise – Forensic, Psychology, Profiling of Violent Crimes, Crime Scene Analysis, Threat Assessment, Hostage Negotiation. Pioneer of Criminal Profiling

Timothy Hill

Area of Expertise – Crime Writer and television producer

Lewis Wilson

Work Title – Special Agent in Charge (Ret). Florida Dept. of Law Enforcement

Marvin Wolfgang

Work Title – Professor of Criminology

Charles Wunder

Work Title – Private Investigator, Retired Federal Agent

Area of Expertise – Investigations, Casino

Member Since 12/9/91