Membership Requirements


Applicants for Special membership in the  Society must be sponsored by two {2} Full Vidocq members who personally know the applicant and are aware of his/her qualifications to be a member of the organization. These sponsors must provide information about the character of the  applicant as well as his/her qualifications ,to include forensic and investigative skills,  as well as a commitment to solving cold case homicides.

The prospective member is required to complete a detailed application which is subject to a due diligence vetting inquiry. This application must be accompanied by a check for $150 of which $100 of the fee is applied to your annual dues.

There are specific rules and regulations regarding attendance, participation and revocation for members who are accepted into the Society.

There is also a Vidocq Code of Ethics & Conduct which are affirmed by membership on an annual basis.

The Vidocq is a nonprofit,  501c[3] corporation, which by terms of its charter , is a fraternal organization comprised of professionals and non professionals who meet in a social setting to discuss unsolved crimes.