If you represent a law enforcement agency with an unsolved death yet to be cleared or are a family member of the victim of an unsolved death or homicide and want us to consider a case, please first visit our pages on seeking help. All queries and requests should be sent to:

The Vidocq Society

1704 Locust Street, Second Floor
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania 19103

The Society is a private organization. We do not provide real-time media access to investigations. If Vidocq is assisting in any investigation that information would come from the investigating law enforcement agency. What we do may be public. How we do it is not.

The Society recognizes the valuable truth-gathering powers of the media and the role that publicity may play in advancing the investigation of an unsolved death. When an investigating law enforcement agency requests, we do alert local media that a particular death is being presented or investigated. Case and crime details, however, would be provided by the investigating agency and not the Society.

Reporters, producers and other media representatives with questions or requests should contact Fred Bornhofen, via the Vidocq Society office, 215-545-1450 or e-mail. If your request involves breaking news we may not be able to respond immediately.

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