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August  2010 - The Murder Room is published
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May  2010 - Nate Gordon in the news.

Board member and president elect of the American Polygraph Association, Nate Gordon, VSM, recently conducted three polygraph examinations of victims who have recanted and verify a convicted man was wrongly convicted and spent 21 years in jail for a crime he did not commit.  Fox News in Philadelphia featured the case on a broadcast the night of May 25, 2010 and had a half hour special on the investigation on May 28, 2010.  Needless to say, Nate did an outstanding job.



At the end of November 1563 in Carini (province of Palermo), Donna Laura Lanza had been murdered together with her lover, Ludovico Vernagallo.
The murder took place inside the baronial castle, her dwelling. Laura Lanza, for want of her dad, got married with the baron of Carini at the age of 14. The legend has it that the murderer of the baroness and her lover had been her father (Cesare Lanza), baron of Trabia and count of Mussomeli.
The murder would have taken place with the approval of the victim's husband. Some documents would exist in the Carini's church archive, from which appear that Cesare Lanza di Trabia would have actually killed her daughter. The baroness and Ludovico Vergallo's death certificates should be filed in the same church.
The viceroy of the time, initially confiscated the properties of don Cesare Lanza and of the baron of Carini. Later on, due to their disposable incomes and the law against adultery, the two blue bloods obtained the forgiveness.

Many centuries later however, the incident had not been cleared up yet, especially concerning the rule of the victim's husband in the murder. Today, 2010, an ICAA team composed by forensic experts and investigators will reopen the case in the light of the modern investigation techniques


The Mayor of Carini, Gaetano La Fata, charged the Commander of the Local Police Marco Venuti to reopen the case. A murder case is not closed until the perpetrator is brought to justice. The Commander Venuti asked for ICAA's help, one of the most prestigious organization specialized in cold cases.
ICAA accepted the challenge and will move to Carini with all the forensic equipments from March 22nd to March 25ft. Some american experts from the Durham Police Dept and other nationalities members had been invited to partecipate too.
The room where the murder took place is unfortunately located in the west annex of the castle, which is now totally collapsed. It is said that on one of the walls there was the baroness' bloody imprint.
The modern crime scene 3D reconstruction techniques will try to provide for some alterations that time caused at the crime scene.

The assassin's path will be reconstructed and the murder's dynamics will be verified. Will the modern ICAA Crime Scene Investigators be able to bring light on a 500 years old murder?
Documents of that time had been collected and a computerized reconstruction of the castle is ongoing. The profiler team is working as well in order to draw the assassin's profile.

From March 22nd to March 25ft the castle of Carini will turn into a real investigation techniques meeting, open to the public, with seminars and training courses


Take a look at Bill Fleisher's short presentation at the Carini meeting:


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