2013 Officers & Directors

William L. Fleisher, V.S.M. Commissioner
Ben Redmond, V.S.M. Deputy Commissioner, Chairman of the Board
Fred Bornhofen, V.S.M. Deputy Commissioner and Case Manager
Stanley Olkowski, V.S.M. Secretary
Dr. Zeff Lazinger, V.S.M. Treasurer
Joseph M. O'Kane, V.S.M. Membership Director
Frank Mayer, V.S.M. Counsel
Ed Gaughan, V.S.M. Board Member
William Gill III, V.S.M. Board Member
Nathan J. Gordon, V.S.M. Board Member
John Maxwell, V.S.M. Board Member
Barbara Cohan-Saavedra, V.S.M. Board Member
Adrienne Sekula-Perlman, M.D., V.S.M. Board Member
David Warren, V.S.M. Board Member
Richard Walter, V.S.M. Board Member, Ex Officio
Lou Cabrelli, V.S.M. Chair of the Audit Committee and soon-to-be Board Member, Ex Officio
Edward Tenuto, V.S.M. Director of Communications

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