case acceptance

The mission of the Vidocq Society is to act as a catalyst and provide pro bono assistance to law enforcement agencies to aid them in solving cold case homicides.

Not all cases submitted to the Vidocq Society are accepted for consideration.  Cases may come to the Society’s attention through a request from a family member of the deceased or an inquiry directly from the law enforcement agency with investigative jurisdiction.

Our sole purpose is to provide guidance to law enforcement agencies to assist them in solving these homicides. Opinions given by our members are personal and offered in the spirit of cooperation and assistance, based only upon the facts presented, and should not be considered formal or legally binding opinions of the Society.

When a case is accepted for presentation by the Society it is done so only with the active cooperation of the department involved.  Our goal is to provide assistance when requested.  We do not conduct independent investigations, nor do we seek public recognition for our work. If the department seeks publicity we will assist by allowing the press entry to the presentation. However, the investigation remains 100% under the control of the investigating agency.

Some specific criteria are:

  1. The victim must not have been engaged in criminal activity that caused  his/her death.
  2.  The department with investigative jurisdiction must invite the Society to assist their effort.
  3. The case should, at minimum, have the following:
    1. A body
    2. A known crime scene
    3. Physical evidence

If you feel your case meets these requirements, please feel free to contact us regarding your case.